What can Lexicon guarantee to its clients?


Guaranteed quality


How does Lexicon guarantee its consistently high quality of service?


International quality standards are uniformly applied to all everyday activities of the company. The work of Lexicon is evaluated by European certification agencies to ensure the most rigorous standards are adhered to in the process of translation and in relations with clients and suppliers. Click here for information on Lexicon's ISO 9001:2008 certification and here for information on Lexicon's ISO 17100:2015 certification.

The company employs customized management systems to ensure ongoing evaluation of the quality of our translators' work and its compliance with the standards required.

We measure our performance regularly against a broad set of benchmarks, securing feedback from clients and associates through special questionnaires and monitoring dozens of indicators of performance measuring every aspect of our translation activities. This process of ongoing self-assessment is designed to serve one objective above all - optimizing service for our clients and ensuring their satisfaction.

Guaranteed prompt delivery


How do we ensure our agreed delivery deadlines are met?


The Lexicon project managers are aware at all times of all the critical dates involved in current translation projects (tender submission deadlines, interim deadlines for translators and proofreaders, invoice dates and so on). Our managers use customised software which allows them to monitor every stage in the translation process. Moreover, the company has the back-up resources to guarantee that the agreed deadlines will be met even when the original parameters have to be changed: additional translators can be found if the size of the original text is increased, a new translator can be found immediately if a colleague falls ill, additional technical support can be called in if unexpected technical problems should arise, and so on.

Guaranteed confidentiality


How do we guarantee absolute confidentiality?


Lexicon administrative staff and translators have all signed confidentiality agreements, undertaking not to disclose any information concerning our clients. We are always happy to sign more specific or more rigorous confidentiality agreements drawn up by the legal departments of our clients.



What are some of the advantages of using Lexicon?


Immediate communication: An efficient, highly trained member of the Lexicon staff will answer your phone call or e-mail, and will understand immediately what you require and when you need it delivered. Lexicon is open for business every single working day of the year.

Rapid response: Within no more than 24 hours of your request for a quote, our staff will advise you of the estimated cost of your project and explain details of how it will be completed.

Punctual delivery: At the time and on the date delivery has been agreed, a member of our team will contact you to notify you that the translation is ready. We never need reminders; we never make excuses; we understand the value of our clients' time, and we never underestimate their intelligence.

Flexibility: Lexicon is always ready to undertake contractual commitments, and to respond to the requirements of the Procurement Departments of its larger clients.

Adapting to client needs: Working with clients regularly over long periods of time, our translators seek to adjust their translations to the client's own preferred style, familiarizing themselves with and using the special terminology of the client's area of activity and its preferred in-house vocabulary.

Business ethics: A good translation agency doesn't always say 'yes' to every job it is offered. It doesn't undertake translations it won't be able to do properly, either because it lacks the necessary resources or has no translators with the right specialist knowledge, or because there is insufficient time to do the job well. This means that when our staff say 'yes' to your job, you can be confident that it will be done to the highest standard and delivered on time.