Premises covering 500 square metres



Lexicon occupies premises covering 500 square metres conveniently located near Thessaloniki's international airport; the company makes full use of the latest technological advances and employs sophisticated project & workflow management tools. All our translators are electronically linked to the central office.

Lexicon has developed in-house electronic dictionaries containing hundreds of thousands of technical terms on which our translators can draw to find and check special terminology. We also employ TRADOS, a leading translation memory tool.


Lexicon's is the largest corporate translation library in Greece, with hundreds of specialist dictionaries, glossaries of terminology and magazines and journals from every sector and discipline - an invaluable research resource for our translators, allowing them to keep up to date with vocabulary and terminology in the fields we specialise in. We also have hundreds of electronic dictionaries covering most fields and disciplines, and have developed our own in-house glossaries of terminology containing literally hundreds of thousands of terms; these are used by our translators to find and check special terms, and also contain a host of invaluable word pairings from previously completed and checked translations.


We operate a three-tier system of security copies for all files, with instant copy retrieval and client translation file extraction. Uninterrupted power supply is ensured to all our systems and there is alternative access to internet and corporate e-mail from all remote stations.

Translation tools

At Lexicon we employ the Trados translation memory software, which can identify previously translated terms and phrases and allow us to retrieve and re-use material translated in previous documents with accuracy and speed. We have also built up our own database containing hundreds of thousands of matched pairs of words from previously completed and proofread translations so that the special vocabulary and terminology preferred by each of our clients can be retrieved and used again in each new project.


Corporate monitoring software for translation projects, clients and suppliers. Developed by the company Learning Plan in collaboration with Lexicon in a 4Dimension environment. Dynamic evaluation of internal and external translating resources for just-in-time control of their availability and optimum allocation of the company's workload. The system offers unrivalled capacity to monitor deliverables and delivery dates.